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Ultimate Stack for Her


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Ultimate Stack for Her Reviews

Shannon from La Crosse, La Crosse, USA on July 01, 2013:
This is the best supplement I ever had! I have tried ON Superpumps Gaspari Isopure the list goes on. This product line is by far the best tasting product line out. The pre-workout taste awesome and give me the energy and focus I need with the her shred. The BCAA's taste just like pink lemonade its amazing! and the protein is to die for. No more choking it down or holding your nose after a work out to get that protein in. It's heaven in a blender bottle. You know its good when im the person who always reads the reviews but never write one!!! I guess there is a first for everything.
Doris on May 07, 2013:
I absolutely love the results i am seeing with these products! They also taste so yummy!!!