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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fitness Model Jesse Humphrey reviews NLA for Her supplements / Reviews

NLA for Her supplement review by Fitness Model Jesse Humphrey


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Fitness Model in the Making- NLA for Her Product Review

BIG thanks to my sponsor, Mind + for hooking me up with this line to sample! I finally found a product line that I have tried and LOVE! It is specifically formulated for women (even though my husband loves the Her Whey Chocolate Éclair protein probably as much as I do) and works great! As a fitness competitor, I have tried all sorts of products out there and I was happily surprised with this one so I decided to write a review for all you ladies out there! Here is my review of each of the products:

Uplift: Raspberry Lemonade Preworkout. What I loved about this product is that it tastes amazing and there were no jitters or crash. Gave me the energy I needed to power through my workouts while on a strict pre-competition training schedule. Most preworkouts I have tried either have harsh stimulants that make me crash and/or taste terrible. Uplift is clean energy without all the crap and doesn’t leave a nasty aftertaste in my mouth. I take the maximum dosage (3 scoops) to get the desired energy I need but I would recommend starting at one scoop to gauge your sensitivity.

Her Aminos: BCAA Supplement- This has become an absolute staple in my routine. One of the best tasting BCAA’s I’ve tried. I recommend supplementing with this for all of my clients! I like to drink these during my workouts to help increase muscle endurance and after to aid in recovery.

Her Whey: Chocolate Eclair recovery protein- HANDS DOWN the best tasting protein I have ever tried! Mixes very well and works great in recipes. I literally add it to everything from coffee, oatmeal, protein pancakes shakes and yogurt. If I needed a sweet fix, this was my go-to while in competition prep. It felt like I was cheating on my plan and I never feel unsatisfied. Oh and did I mention its SUGAR FREE and Gluten Free! Macros are as follows 225 calories, 7g fat, 4g carbs, 28g protein. One thing I really like is that it contains more healthy fats than a lot of other proteins out there. If you are still scared by seeing that number, look up MCT’s and the benefits and you will be looking for ways to incorporate this into your diet! I promise! Its protein blend is that of Isolate and Micellar Caseinate, so you fuel your muscles instantly and will continue to feed them for hours. And not sure I mentioned how AMAZING it tastes!! Seriously! See below for my Her Whey PB & J Protein Pancakes Recipe!

Shred Her: All-natural thermogenic fat burner. What I loved about Shred Her was that it didn’t give me the jitters or make me feel nauseous on an empty stomach like a lot of fat burners do with harsh stimulants.  Although I doubled the dose (I always took 2) first thing in the morning before my workout, I still never felt any jitters from this. A lot of women are very cautious about what they are putting in their bodies and I love that this is all natural. I used this before my last competition and saw great results in fat loss.
My Overall Rating of NLA for Her supplement line?
10/10! I think they hit the nail on the head on this one! Highly recommend it to everyone! You wont be disappointed.