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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Powerlifter Marvin Bishop reviews Ultimate Stack / Reviews

World Champion Powerlifter Marvin Bishop took the NLA Performance Ultimate Stack and sent us in his testimonial and review of our products.  Here is a video of Marvin at a powerlifting meet so you can see how truly MONSTROUS he is:



Here is Big Marvin Bishops review of the Ultimate Stack by NLA Performance:

"Marvin Bishop
World Champion Powerlifter

I am writing on my experience taking the Ultimate Stack by NLA Performance.  I tried enough supplements to know what works for me and will give me the results I am looking for.  The first day I took the Ultimate Stack was on my heavy bench day.  I didn’t think the SUPP-D, SWOLL-N or T-BLAST would kick in on the first day but I felt them working because it was a hanging bands day and I did 585lbs for three reps but the difference was I usually put everything I have into the last two reps.  These were three solid easy reps.  Afterwards I was ready to get in another workout session.  By the end of the week the Ultimate Stack had my energy levels, my strength levels and endurance up.  A small example, I was doing the preacher curl machine and I usually get to 4-45 plates and get about 4-5 reps.  I did 10 solid reps of my last set (also a PR).

As I get into the second and third week I am starting to feel guilty because The Ultimate Stack  especially the SUPP-D is making my normal workouts (which consist of 5-6 exercises that are 3 sets of 10-15 reps) starting to feel like they are not enough.  Plus I am amped to lift after putting down some SWOLL-N and SUPP-D.  My third week of hanging bands on the bench press I hit a PR of 635lbs for 2 reps.  My previous best was 600lbs for one.  Back to the preacher curl machine I decided to up the weight to 5-45 plates the max amount of plates the machine could hold.  After hitting 10 reps on my third set of 4-45 plates, I did 2 sets of 5 reps with the 5-45s (guess what a PR).  I also decided to get back to dead lifting after not doing it for months I worked up to 495 for 3-4 reps my first session back (again a PR).  It was at this point I decided the Ultimate Stack was the supplement stack for me.  My fourth week I was working for my bench press opener for a meet and I worked up to 525lbs raw for two easy competition pause reps (another PR).

I had heard great things about the Ultimate Stack from fellow powerlifter Jon Marshall and being a person skeptical about supplements because I have tried many, Jon was on the money.  In looking at the price for the Ultimate Stack it is very affordable and cheap compared to inferior stacks on the market that are more fillers than results driven product.  If you are making an investment in a performance stack, go get Ultimate Stack by NLA Performance."