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Thursday, November 01, 2012

User Review of our protein RECOVER-D / Reviews

Respected supplement reviewer user 'T-BONE' reviews our protein RECOVER-D:


"I'm trying a new protein from NLA Performance called Recover-D. This stuff is pretty damn tasty. I've tried both with regular whole milk on my carb up days and with almond milk on lower carb days. Tastes sweeter with the milk if you like things sweet. I think its good with both, but it's a personal preference. As far as mix-ability goes, I didn't have to scrape the sides of the blender at all. I don't use shaker cups so I don't know about that. One thing I really like about this stuff is it mixes up just thick enough to be called an actual shake. Really don't like the protein drinks that mix up really thin, with water-like consistency. As far as I'm concerned those products can't be called a "Shake". The thickness also helps with satiety. When eating low carb things tend to get bland and I like a protein "shake" as a treat that can help get you through it. When I do have protein powder I only have one to two servings per day. The product has only 4 carbs per serving so that's not bad. I really LOVE the taste of this stuff. It's "Chocolate Eclair" flavor. Really yummy stuff!. It's a whey isolate/Micellar casein mix with isolate as the first ingredient in the list making it the primary protein. I'd definitely purchase this product. Hopefully the price is right."


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