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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

NLA Performance Recover-D - By Celorza / Reviews

Big shout out to NLAFounder, he was kind enough to offer me a Tub of their upcoming Protein Powder to try it out and log my experience of it with you guys . And I must say...I am impressed.

For most of you who know me, my take on Protein Powders is simple...It's a macro-nutrient and it is just meant to be fit in your kCaloric and Macro-nutrient allotment of the day, and the main importance for me is how flexible is it to fit it into the macros and good is the taste !

Well now on with the review. Ingredient Panel:

So as we can see the main deal here is: 28g Prot / 4g carb (you low carbers will love it) / 7g Fats

I like it, the thing with me and protein powders is that I do not like them when they have too much carbs or fats, since I do enjoy my peanut butter and my cereal on the side ! Yet this one mixes in just fine, and extra 4/7g of carb/fat makes no dent on my nutrition at all. Aside from that, I do believe Safflower and Sunflower oil can be beneficial anyway. Another highlight will be that it comes with 10g Glutiamine, and while most of us don't believe in it's "muscle protecting" effects...well I do believe in its GI support. When I am Bulking/Recomping I do not reduce the number of fats at all, neither their sources of sat fat like red meat...and well my mom is Mexican American and dad is 100% I eat a lot of Picant here and there ! Glutamine might prove beneficial for me in that aspect !

On to the important now...The taste:

-Mixability: 9/10 This for me is really good, it comes out REAL THICK and tasty, just a tiny bit of clumps but nothing to worry about. It does NOT stick to the bottom so it does not become an issue.

-Aroma: 10/10 Since I opened the tub I got the full smell of Cocoa+Coffee , it is enveloping!

-Taste: 10/10 It has been a while since I have had such a nice surprise with tastes, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It has a rich Coffee taste to it, and leaves a delicious aftertaste of Cocoa after swallowed.

-Mixability in Cooking? To be tested tomorrow !

A note on the taste: Ever remember how those nice first cups of hot Cocoa used to know when winter rolls in and grandma's get busy making bulking-foods like cakes and nice marshmallow-hot-cocoa? reminded me of that taste...I felt as though I was a child just rushing through the glass hoping it would never end.

Today's Recipe was:

-2 cups Fat Free Milk
-2 Rounded Scoops of Recover-D

It gets a 9/10 from me

New company in town guys, and they seem to be up to something good here! Let's give em a chance to show us what they got!



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