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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Putting the NLA Performance Ultimate Stack to the TEST! - By Evan666 / Testimonials

Whats up guys

NLA Performance was kind enough to send me an Ultimate Stack to log. Their ultimate stack consists of T-Blast (test booster) Swoll-N (pump product) and SUPP-D (preworkout)

These guys are new in town, and I am excited to see what their products are all about.

My stats
Age: 24
Weight: 265lbs
Lifting experience: 10 years (ISSA Certified)
Lifting style: POWER! and intensity. Powerlifts first, bodybuilding lifts second. I lift to be STRONG.
Bench: 405lb 3RM
Squat: 495 5RM
Dead: 505 1RM

Diet: 3000 Cals 50P/30C/20F

My goal is to push my body to the genetic limit, and then some. I am very particular on what supplements I use, so lets see how NLA stacks up.

Some product profiles


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