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Workout Splits That Work With Your Goals

I get a lot of questions about how to set up your training program. As a competition coach - I will tell you that every body is different and I have yet to set two girls up the same way - so, as always, I recommend working with a competition coach to set up a program that will work best for YOU. The best way to get to where you want to be is to work with someone that's already been to that exact place and knows how to get the job done! Everyone needs guidance and a subjective view of their physique in order to improve in the right ways. Even the pros have coaches! Even coaches have coaches! :) You think Tiger Woods has ever said "I think I've learned enough in my career now that I can go at it alone." No. He works with experts all day every day perfecting his art.

These are just some basic ideas that you can try for yourself. Pick your goal (below) and give these splits a try for several weeks to see what happens! I recommend keeping them in this order - and placing the rest day within the schedule wherever you need it.

Goal: develop my back & shoulders

Split: back & abs/shoulders & chest/legs/back/shoulders & bis/legs

Goal: bigger delts/shoulders

Split: chest & shoulders/legs/bis & back/shoulders & abs/tris&back/legs

Goal: better glutes/build legs

Split: back & bis/glutes & hamstrings/shoulders & tris/chest & back/legs with quad focus/sprints & abs



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