Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Team NLA Athlete Brian Freman's Workout of the Day / Men's Workouts

Arms, Calves, and Abs:

1) Alternating DB Curls-4x6-8
2) Machine Preacher Curls-4x8-10
3) Hammer Curls-4x10-12
4) V-Bar Pushdowns-4x12-15
5) Weighted triceps dips-4x6-8
6) Close Grip bench-4x6-8
7) DB Kickbacks-3xfailure
8) Seated Calf Raises-10-25
9) Hanging Leg Raises-3x15

My biceps over-power my triceps so I just hit them hard and fast. My triceps, I consider, to be a weak point of mine so as you see I go against the principles of pre-exhaustion and start off with an isolation movement to get blood pumping into all three heads of the triceps. Then I go into heavy power movements to build up, and as you see I finish with kickbacks, a simple exercise but, a very good finishing one as well. For calfs I do many sets of the same exercise, my reason is because a bent knee calf raise works the soleus, the soleus is a deep muscle of the calf and it helps build more. I work the gastrocmemius on my next arm and calf day. Also as you see, I do not do very much for my abs, I do not do that much for two reasons, first, my diet is on point, and two, a lot of the exercises I perform are compound movements therefore your core is involved. Tomorrow I will be training legs, stay tuned.


Brian Freeman

Team NLA Performance Athlete

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