Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Team NLA Athlete Brian Freeman's Workout of the Day / Men's Workouts

Chest, Back, and Shoulder workout for Jan. 7, 2013.

1) Barbell Bench Press-4x12-10-8-6
2) Rack Pulls-4x6
3) Smith Machine Incline Press-4x10-12
4) T-Bar Rows-4x10-12
5) Cable Chest Flies-4x12-15
6) Close-grip Pull-ups-4-to failure
7) Barbell Shoulder Press-4x10
8) Cable Reverse Flies-4x15
As you see, my workout is very basic, I do not see a need to do anything fancy. The exercises I choose have been around for a while and are proven to work; they are compound/functional exercises.  My main focus is my rest intervals, rest intervals are important because they help your muscles gain more ATP during your rest (ATP=fast energy). Judging your rest interval time is crucial so what you need to know is that the more reps you perform the shorter the rest is, weird I know, but, there is a reason for this. If you are able to do more reps, you probably are not lifting very heavy. Your body exerts more energy when put under more stress (heavier weight) so less ATP after a set is completed. Here is a simple guide to follow for rest intervals; 12-15 or higher reps-60 seconds of rest. 8-12-75 seconds of rest, 4-8-90 seconds of rest.
            I will be posting my weekly workouts for you all to see. If you have any questions at all about why I do things a certain way please always feel free to ask. Tomorrow my workout will be arms, core, and calfs.

Brian Freeman
Team NLA Performance Athlete


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